In the summer of 1981 four young loud and snotty punks played their first gig in a loft of a barn south of Guelph. The band Laissez Faire, consisting of Adrian Stickland, Alun Piggins, John and Chris Dowling became local legends and was the root for many subsequent Guelph indie bands of the eighties including, Maggot Fodder, Love's Ugly Children and The Trembling Mimsies. Twenty years later Laissez-Faire did a one-off reunion gig and, as a result, Chris and Adrian began to work on some new material with Alun helping on guitar.

The discovery of Tania Siwick heralded the arrival of the band Sock Hop Arousal as a unique and creative force, with her soulful and evocative vocals contrasting and complimenting the heavy rhythms and syncopated bass lines. Marc Meyer's haunting keyboards added dynamics and completed the line-up.

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Described as a Dub/Funk Post-punk extravaganza, Sock Hop Arousal's influences fuse the deep 70's dub of King Tubby, Lee Perry with the angular funk attack of Gang of Four, Pop Group and the moody atmospherics of Bristol trip hop. The unique and compelling groove is embellished with lyrical content expressing a perspective of post-modern existential bewilderment. Sock Hop Arousal have recorded a seven song EP entitled Bonobo-A-Go-Go and are moving from strength to strength currently playing gigs in southern Ontario to showcase the CD and build a loyal following.

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