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When the aftermath of any event,
no matter how tragic that event may be,
is approached with the desire to understand,
we create a better future for our children.

Mission Statement

Our mission is the promotion of peace through the development of long-term socioeconomic relationships between the people of Helmand Province, Afghanistan and the people of New Mexico, USA.

The Afghan Sister Village Project (ASVP) is modeled on the concepts of Sister Cities International, an organization which developed from President Eisenhower's desire to connect American citizens with those of foreign countries. ASVP operates under a fiscal sponsorship agreement with the Los Alamos-Sarov Sister City Initiative (LASSCI). The LASSCI is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation. It is a participant in Sister Cities International and has connected the people from Los Alamos, NM with those from Sarov, Russian for almost twenty years. The Afghan Sister Village Project hopes to bring the LASSCI's success of bridging the USA-Russia divide to the divide that separates the people of Afghanistan and the people of the US.

We realize that peace in Afghanistan is critical to the prospects of long-term world peace. Lasting peace requires the development of mutual trust and respect. Mutual trust and respect requires a desire to understand the perspectives and ways of life of the citizens of each country.

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It is clear that the inclusion of the people of Afghanistan in any peace process is required for a lasting peace in Afghanistan. As exemplified by the many successes created through the Los Alamos – Sarov relationship, Sister City programs promote peace by connecting the citizens of different countries on a personal level. Unfortunately, rural Afghan villages and many Afghan cities cannot meet the standards needed to participate in a Sister City International program and rarely have the means to establish and maintain the communications needed for such programs. The Afghan Sister Village Program intends to fill this gap.

Our objective is to connect the people of rural villages and areas in Afghanistan with those from towns in New Mexico and, eventually, other states in the US. Through personal visits and internet-based communications, we hope to provide the means for Americans to understand Afghan ways of life and for Afghans to understand American ways of life. It is our hope that long-term relationships develop from these communication opportunities.


The goals of the Afghan Sister Village Project


Afghan Sister Village Project • PO BOX 1542, Los Alamos NM 87544